Advent of
GenAI Hackathon

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GenAI on Intel GPUs

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Advent of GenAI Hackathon will be back in 2024

Coming in 2024: Join us for the Advent of GenAI Hackathon, a 7-day event focused on exploring the possibilities of Generative AI.

This event, supported by Intel GPUs on the Intel Developer Cloud (IDC), welcomes AI developers, startup founders, and students who are keen to engage with the latest in AI innovation.

More details to come – we look forward to your participation!

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What's in store?

An Asynchronous Virtual Hackathon with skill-enhancing daily challenges.

To Be Announced.

This event is entirely virtual.

AI developers and students working with LLMs, as well as early-stage AI startups from the entire universe.

To explore your GenAI skills, connect with Intel Liftoff’s ecosystem, and get hands-on with Prediction Guard LLM APIs.

Why You Can't Miss This Hackathon

Skill Up Fast: Daily challenges that push your proficiency in Generative AI
Elite Tools at Your Fingertips: Get exclusive access to Intel GPUs on IDC and explore Liftoff member startups’ services.
Network with the Best: Join a tribe of innovators and industry disruptors.

Create and Win: Build a Jupyter Notebook-based application that could gain you recognition.

Hackathon Structure

Pre-Hackathon Setup
Daily Challenges Execution
Environment Specs

Get a Sneak Peek at the Daily Challenges

5 days of GenAI challenges – with each new challenge released daily at 8:30 AM.

The challenges could involve playing with stable diffusion, LLMs, Retrieval Augmented Generation – all designed to ignite your creativity.

On the 6th and 7th days, it’s time to bring it all together: you’ll be tasked with building an application in a Jupyter Notebook environment, based on the skills and knowledge you’ve accumulated over the 5 days

Visit our repository on GitHub to explore the challenges and access resources.


Open Time: 8:30 AM PST, Close Time: 9:00 AM PST (following day)
Submission Limit: Up to 3 attempts per challenge.

Winners Announcement: Following day

Capstone Project

Combine all you’ve learned in a final Jupyter Notebook-based application, integrating Weaviate and Prediction Guard LLM services

Prizes and Recognition
  • Extra points for incorporating Weaviate or Prediction Guard services.
  • Receive unique marketing opportunities with blog articles and podcast episodes, with the added chance for startups to secure an Intel® Liftoff membership.
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